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S.No Chapter Download  
1 Part 11 and 12-Statistics-Notes-SSC-CGL-Diagramatic and Graphical Representation-Types of Graphs-Download    
2 Part 14 to 22-Statistics-Notes-SSC-CGL-Measures of Central Tendency-Full-Download  
3 Part 23 to 26-Statistics-Notes-SSC-CGL-Sampling-Full-Download  
4 Part 31 to 37-Statistics-Notes-SSC-CGL-Measures of Dispersion-Skewness and Kurtosis-Full-Download  
5 Introduction to Statistics Free  
6 Functions and importance of statistics Free  
7 Categories of data Free  
8 Secondary data Free  
9 Classification of Data Free  
11 Types of class intervals: Free  
12 Statistics Exam Papers for 2013 , 2014, 2015 - Full-Download